Dear Friend of The Baltimore Station,

I’m Paul Martin, Assistant Clinical Director of The Baltimore Station (TBS). As a senior staff member and alumnus of TBS, I have observed the organization transform from a homeless shelter over 32 years ago to the nationally recognized residential treatment facility and outpatient treatment program it is today. More importantly, I observed men battered by life, drugs, and mental health issues transform into worthwhile societal contributors. I know firsthand what it is like to be alone, confused, and brokenhearted. Life was just a word to me, not something to be lived by me. TBS helped me to change life’s meaning from a terminal disease to a priceless journey. For 18 years, TBS has entrusted me with the care of the men, and to offer them the opportunity to change their view of themselves and life, as they know it. Some would say that they chose the right man for the job!

“To attain a better quality of life; become a better manager over one’s life and to be a productive member of the community”.
This is my mantra.

-Paul Martin

The pandemic profoundly affected the lives of TBS’s staff and residents. Although taxing, the TBS family worked selflessly to ensure quality and consistent care for those of whom we were responsible. Isolation, contact restrictions and economic shutdown imposed a complete change to the psychosocial environment in Baltimore and the wider community. When the external services and resources our residents had come to rely on for their health care needs were suspended, TBS stepped up to fill the gaps. Veterans in our program with disabilities, and those with existing mental health problems looked to TBS staffers for answers. In my 18 years of working at TBS, I cannot recall a time when the staff was stronger and more resilient. Efforts began immediately to provide resources and services for the men. As always, our community of volunteers and donors stepped up to the plate to help provide laptops, webcams, food, clothing, financial support, and so much more. When the height of the pandemic forced us to shelter in place, knowing that I was surrounded by this level of support made the mattress on my office floor more comfortable.

In the treatment community, we have noticed that the need for the services we provide is greater than it ever has been. The landscape is different, and the rules are ever-changing but we will be ready.

However, we can’t do it without you.

Today, I invite you to make a gift to The Baltimore Station. Every dollar donated directly supports the men we are honored to serve. Your gift will allow us to continue our critical work for our homeless veterans who have suffered trauma, increasing mental health challenges and so much more throughout the pandemic. We realize that this appeal comes at a time when some of our supporters too, maybe experiencing the impact of COVID-19, so I humbly ask only for your consideration in making a gift that is both meaningful and practical to you.

As a veteran who personally went through the program at The Baltimore Station, I can’t thank you enough for your support. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. Happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2022.



Paul Martin
Assistant Clinical Director

Help Veterans And Others Transitioning Through The Cycle Of Poverty, Addiction, And Homelessness To Self-Sufficiency

The Baltimore Station is grateful for the generosity of the individual, faith-based, and corporate friends who support our work. Your donations go directly to support our long-term residential therapeutic community for veterans and others who are transitioning to self-sufficiency. Please consider making a donation to The Baltimore Station today.

100% of your donation will directly support our men, the programs they participate in and help keep them safe from the dangers of life on the street.