Last year, The Baltimore Station underwent major renovations to our facility which meant that the entire program needed to find a new home for nearly two weeks. While the renovations were being completed, nearly 100 residents, staff and even some volunteers, moved to Camp Puh’Tok in Monkton. Looking for a way to spend time at the end of the day, the men started a game of softball against each other and this was the start of The Station’s Summer Softball Series.

When everyone returned to Baltimore, the first item in the suggestion box was “Can we keep playing softball? I had a lot of fun at camp!” Shortly after, a volunteer group from Church of the Nativity was put together to challenge The Station’s players. Over the past couple of summers, The Station has a record of 21-9, they’ve played against groups from SC&H and Amazon and even hosted 4 clinics for area kids.

This series – while fun and competitive for volunteer groups – has been just as beneficial for TBS residents. It has fostered a sense of teamwork and inclusion with the men. For example, individuals with limited mobility still get up to bat, but designated runners are used. Residents are surveyed quarterly for their input and feedback on programming. When asked about softball, residents have responded with “Yes, I loved the softball most of all. It strongly reminded me of my time in the Marine Corps and the comradery that we shared.”

If you know a group that could challenge The Station, contact Todd Troester ( to schedule a game!