When did you start working at The Station and why?

I started working at the Station in January of 2016 after many years volunteering here with the Church of the Nativity. I saw it as opportunity to be involved in a different way that would hopefully have a greater impact for the men and the program.

What’s your favorite part at working at The Baltimore Station?

The opportunity to work with a group of dedicated professionals who are helping men to make a change in their lives. I also enjoy getting to know a lot of the men in a much a greater capacity. There are a tremendous amount of talented men in the program and on many occasions I have sought their help and knowledge when confronted with a problem I am not sure of how to handle.

What is it you do at The Station?

I am the facilities director and oversee the operations of the various locations. This can involve anything from handling minor repairs to managing contracts for the maintenance of the various mechanical systems and upgrades to the facilities. I have been able to use my skills in a way to help streamline the processes to be cost effective and more responsive to the needs of the men and the operation.

Do you have a favorite memory from working or volunteering at The Station?

One night while serving at Baker Street one of the volunteers and a resident started singing Broadway show tunes and it quickly escalated to them dancing. It was quite unexpected and several others started singing along so it was a fun night for all.

What would you say to someone interested in donating or volunteering to The Station?

Take the time and the effort to serve and you will not be disappointed. The men truly appreciate the time you spend with them and it gives you opportunity to have a positive impact on someone who is in a struggle.