Why do you support The Baltimore Station and how did you find out about the organization?

One of our brothers found out about more about the organization by doing research on it during a class that he took studying non-profits and how they function differently from normal, for-profit corporations. More was learned when he discovered that his mother would soon become the treasurer for the organization and shed light that we could participate in Stars, Stripes, and Chow. We support The Baltimore Station because of the real impacts that they have on our most deserved and neglected population of homeless people, veterans. A lot of our brothers have family who have served and hold them in high regard a well as appreciate what they have done for the molding of our character. As brothers of the Kappa Alpha Order, we have high reverence for our military leaders and soldiers, in and out of combat.

What do you look forward to at Stars, Stripes, and Chow?

We look forward to eating great food as well as meeting the different people who make this organization so great, including the men in the program. We already feel very proud to have contributed our registration donation, and hope to see how money from amazing events like this helps The Baltimore Station.

Why should someone come to the event?

Having never participated or attended the event, we must say that a major reason people should come to this event is to support such a worthwhile organization that truly changes people’s lives in the long term.

How confident are you that your chili will win the event?

We are a group of fun guys who are coming to have a good time! Our chili will be good, but we are not sure how our culinary skills will match up to some of the other contenders.