How did you learn about The Baltimore Station?


Why does your company volunteer at The Station?

ACell is a healthcare company with products for treatment of wounds, burns and surgical repair. In our credo, we state that our first responsibility is to our patients. This responsibility also extends to our community. Baltimore Station provides us an opportunity to assist in those in need and also honor veterans who have represented our country in defense. We believe an ethical company has an obligation to serve our customers and our community.

What’s your best memory of volunteering?

In December 2016, ACell donated 100 fleece jackets to Baltimore Station. A group of ACell employees, who are also veterans, went to Baltimore Station to distribute the jackets and the residents were very appreciative for the gift of a warm jacket to wear during the cold winter months. This was a very heartwarming and emotional experience for the employees who participated in this effort.

What would you say to something thinking about volunteering?

Do it! There is no more rewarding experience than volunteering your time to honor these American heroes who sacrificed so much for our freedom and safety. The residents of Baltimore Station make the volunteers feel so welcome and they are very appreciative of the time that volunteers spend with them … telling stories, talking about everyday life, sports, the weather … you name it. And at the end of the evening, you will walk out of their building with a new appreciation for life – and all that you have because of these American heroes – and be grateful for the time that you spent with the residents.