Dear Friends:

Imagine for a moment that you are a man born and raised in Baltimore. Imagine you are Joseph. Growing up, you were able to live under the radar. You were never pushed to graduate high school. Your priority was providing for your family, not going to college.

But you’re smart, and you are driven. You want to do something with your life. You’re charming and when you speak, people listen. Imagine you want to see the world. You make a decision. You leave everything you know in Baltimore, and you join the Army. You dedicate the next years of your life to your country. You travel the world, meet new people, and develop new skills.

Imagine coming home and not having the same support system you had during your deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq. You realize you need mental health services, but are ashamed to ask for help. Imagine making choices which eventually lead to homelessness, drug use and addiction.

Imagine wanting to make a change. After years of missed opportunities, you say to yourself, “I cannot continue to live like this. I want to do something with my life.” You make a decision. But where can you turn to get a second chance? A job? A new vision of your future? Who will believe you when you say you are ready to change, and who will hold you accountable?

Joseph’s story at The Baltimore Station started like hundreds of other men affected by homelessness, poverty and substance use. Men who were ready to transform their lives.

Imagine you are Joseph.

Now imagine what you can do to support his journey.

Thanks to compassionate donors like you, The Baltimore Station is able to offer individual and group counseling, lessons in giving back and gratitude, and new experiences like art class and Tai Chi. The Baltimore Station provides structure, expectations and practical lessons to develop life skills that transfer to the real world outside of The Station’s walls.

Last year, The Baltimore Station served over 350 men, 94% of whom were veterans. We are very proud to say that 92% of our residents obtained or retained sustainable income by their discharge date and 71% were discharged to permanent housing.

So far this year, donors of every level have enabled The Baltimore Station to serve 253 men – and we’re still counting. With your help, we have plans to serve hundreds more affected by homelessness, addiction and poverty through 2017 and beyond.

Will you donate now to provide resources to turn lives around? Your gift will help The Baltimore Station support veterans and others transitioning from homelessness and addiction to self-sufficiency. By investing in The Baltimore Station, you will help Joseph and others like him see that positivity, hard work, and ambition will be rewarded.

Earlier this year, The Baltimore Station’s Executive Director, John Friedel, received a letter from a former resident. The first time I read this letter, I had just begun serving as the President of The Baltimore Station’s Board of Directors and it had a profound impact on me personally. Letters like these underscore the work The Baltimore Station’s Board of Directors and staff strive to accomplish every day. That letter is included below for you to read and keep as a reminder of the people we serve and the impact The Baltimore Station has on the lives of the men who enter our doors who are just like Joseph.

Dear Mr. Friedel,

I am a former resident at the Baker Street Station. I am writing to you to thank you and your organization for providing an excellent facility that I was able to live in for eight months. Prior to my arrival, I was homeless and in great need of help. I was fortunate enough to find your place, and my stay there was awesome.

I am now in my own place, and I have a part-time job, and I have you and your staff to thank for this. Being at The Baltimore Station has been a blessing for myself and I’m sure other residents as well. You have a very good staff at Baker Street and I’m sure that is the same at West Street.

So in closing, I would like to thank you again and say God bless you and your family.


Former Baltimore Station Resident

Imagine you are Joseph.

Now imagine what you can do to support his journey.

Thank you for your generous support,


Louis Kousouris III

President, Board of Directors

The Baltimore Station