Last month, some of our residents participated in an incredible event as part of their recovery journey. Teaming up with the Nikki Perlow Foundation, residents of The Baltimore Station ventured to Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County to help create the first-ever Forest of Hope! The Forest of Hope is an outdoor art installation that is a celebration of the journeys and struggles that people face on the path to overcome addiction. Our residents painted trees in ways they found representative of their personal experiences with addiction and recovery.

Baltimore County allocated 100 trees to the Nikki Perlow Foundation for the installation. Organizations and individuals from across the state, including The Baltimore Station, designed and painted their trees in ways that were meaningful to them. Each painted tree features a plaque echoing a sentiment from the artist(s).

Experiences like The Forest of Hope are helpful for those battling addiction—having the opportunity to spend time in nature and the ability to express themselves through art can be incredibly powerful and therapeutic for our residents. The chance to communicate their feelings is important, and to do so in such a meaningful and lasting way is truly a gift. We’re sure you will enjoy visiting The Forest of Hope as much as our residents enjoyed this experience!