When did you start working at The Station and why?

I started working at The Station in May 2016. I needed a second job to supplement my income but I also love to help people and make them smile.

What’s your favorite part at working at The Baltimore Station?

My favorite part of working here is getting to try out new recipes and see the guys try things for the first time and actually enjoy it.

What is it you do at The Station?

I am Assistant Kitchen Manager here at The Station. I prepare the daily meals for the residents. I work with the volunteer groups to serve, and make sure that dietary restrictions are accommodated.

Do you have a favorite memory from working or volunteering at The Station?

My favorite memory so far is when the guys got to meet Ray Lewis around Christmas 2016

What would you say to someone interested in donating or volunteering to The Station?

I would tell someone interested in donating or volunteering to do it! It means a lot especially when they volunteer their time the guys enjoy their company and the time spent on them. The fact that people actually care makes a difference.