The Baltimore Station has expanded our services to include Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient (IOP/OP) programming designed to provide therapeutic relapse prevention services to those recovering from substance use disorder.


The outpatient program, which also includes counseling services, is open to individuals:

  • From the community of any gender (services to female clients are outpatient only)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • In recovery from substance use disorder
  • Medicaid eligible

Individuals participating in the IOP/OP work with licensed/certified staff in a trauma-informed and client-centered environment. Services include:

  • 9-12 hours of treatment services weekly
  • Individualized Service Plan which identifies
    • Housing goals
    • Timeline for accessing permanent housing
    • Detailed career/income goals
  • Case management
  • Group therapy sessions covering a variety of issues including:
    • Relapse prevention
    • Healthy relationships
    • Co-occurring disorders and issues in recovery
  • Flexibility with scheduling and availability

“We have found that continued services and ongoing support is imperative to the recovery process and helps ease the transition from residential treatment back into the community. We are proud of the unique services that we offer and by expanding our services to individuals outside of our residential program, we will be able to make an even greater impact on their road to successful recovery.”

– John Friedel, The Baltimore Station Executive Director.

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Individuals who participate in this program will be able to take advantage of The Baltimore Station’s array of services including access to workforce development training and job readiness programs, community partners, and staffing.

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