My name is Sarah Walsh and I have volunteered at The Baltimore Station for nearly a decade. 

Dear Friends of The Station:

Like so many, I enjoy giving back to my community. I have lived in the Baltimore area for 51 years and have spent much of my adult life in service to others. I have been blessed with a terrific son, loving and supportive friends, and a church that is very active in and around Baltimore. It was at a church service seven years ago that I learned about The Baltimore Station (TBS).

At the time, the Executive Director told our congregation how The Baltimore Station started with three people feeding the homeless in the South Baltimore area and had grown to what it is today – a multifaceted residential and outpatient treatment program that successfully turns lives around. He shared a story about a resident who came up to him and confided that he had $10 in his pocket and had planned to go out after dinner, find drugs, and use. What prevented him from doing just that was his experience with the volunteers that evening.

The interactions he had changed his planned behavior. He did not go out and use. He stayed at The Station.

From that story on, I was hooked. Our twenty-five-member church brings dinner to The Station six times a year. More importantly, we sit and eat together with the residents, engaging them in conversation. They (and I) really enjoy this interaction – they have so many stories to share and I love listening to them. We are able to give the residents support and encouragement to help them gain confidence and reconnect to their community.

I absolutely love volunteering at TBS. The program is successful, the guys are so appreciative of what we do, and I feel great doing something that is so important for not just the residents, but Baltimore and my community. Since The Baltimore Station was founded 30 years ago, support from volunteers has been crucial to the success of the organization, but financial support is just as important.

Last year, TBS served nearly 300 veterans, 75% of whom were discharged to permanent housing. Donations from individuals like you and me help The Baltimore Station serve the most vulnerable veterans. A donation of $20 ensures a homeless veteran has new bedding to sleep on his first night at The Baltimore Station.

The Baltimore Station turns lives around and you can help.

Don’t our veterans who have sacrificed and served our country deserve it?



Have You Considered Making a Recurring Donation?

Your recurring donation is critical to turning lives around and advancing The Baltimore Station’s mission of supporting veterans who are overcoming obstacles to regain self-sufficiency.


a month

Provides 16 residents with dinnerware including plate, bowl, cup, and utensils.


a month

Provides one hour of therapeutic classes and activities.


a month

Provides one week of meals and snacks for 40 residents at Baker Street Station.


a month

Provides a two-day outdoor educational experience at Camp Puh’Tok.